Welcome to the Wasatch Poker Tour™


Bout Time in Herriman is starting a Saturday game. As always with new games this will be DOUBLE POINTS!!
So come down Feb. 3rd at 3:00 P.M. and join in the fun.

Also the following week Feb. 10th we are going to have a Jack and Jill Tournament. With an automatic seat to the Winter Quarterly on the line.

- Time Changes-

Tuesday at The Fifth is now going to start at 7

Bout Time Herriman will now be starting at 3:00 P.M.


The Fifth Amendment in Bountiful has recently been renovated. To celebrate we are going to make Tuesday Nights DOUBLE POINTS and we are adding a new game Sunday's at 1 P.M. to the schedule. So now you have two days a week you can get DOUBLE POINTS through the end of the Winter Quarter.

2017 Fall Quarterly Championship

Congratulations to this quarter's winners!
1st - $700 - Jeremy Merrill
2nd - $500 - Shane Peterson
3rd - $400 - Dan Obergfell
4th - $300 - Paul Schoenfeld
5th - $200 - Aaron Peterson
6th - $100 - Elwin Bassett
7th - $100 - David J.
8th - $100 - James Olsen
9th - $100 - Colin Romeike

- Dealer of the Quarter! -

Ryan Benson has won Dealer of the Quarter. He had the most votes for Lumpy's Friday nights. In addition to a day off he won a new Dealer of the Quarter button, so come out to see him dealing and check it out!

- Park City is Back! -

O'Shucks Bar and Grill - (8178 Gorgoza Pines Rd Park City, Utah 84098)
We are very excited to have Park City back in our weekly lineup, so come check out and support the newest member of the Wasatch Poker Tour Family.
The game is now being held upstairs to give us more room and privacy, and we have 3 tables now so come out and enjoy this great game!


Liquid Joe's
Monday Sept. 11th 7:00 P.M. 1249 E. 3300 S.

- Rules Change -

Beginning Sunday September 3rd. Some minor changes are going to start

1.All bonuses/penalties are no longer happening effective immediately.

2.Double points were getting out of hand. So double points are being taken away except for the following venues. Mid City on Wednesday will have double points until the end of winter quarter. Wing Nutz and All Star Lanes Tooele.

4.For anyone who has not heard. Soul Chips will now be worth 1 point a piece. You still have to have the most at the end of the night, but now you get 1 point for each one you have.

As always you know I will be out and about at different games and anyone who has questions is welcome to come talk to me about them.

The exception to all of these changes will be Liquid Joe's on Monday Nights.

- Schedule Change -

(Wednesday August 23rd)
Mid City Pub and Grill - (7101 S. Bingham Junction Blvd)
100$ Cash Prize Come check out the newest venue in our lineup!

Omaha Hi/Lo at
All Star West Jordan & Molly Blooms!

Sunday, September 10th - 7:00PM:

All Star - West Jordan
1776 West 7800 South

Omaha Hi/Lo
$50 CASH prize for 1st place
$25 CASH for 2nd (for two tables)


Sunday, September 24th - 7:00PM:

All Star - West Jordan
1776 West 7800 South

Omaha Hi/Lo
$50 CASH prize for 1st place
$25 CASH for 2nd (for two tables)



Lumpy's Downtown
145 west Pierpont Ave (~250 south)

Fridays & Wednesdays - 8:00pm
Friday - $100 CASH PRIZE!
Wednesday - $50 CASH PRIZE!


The Mission of Wasatch Poker Tour is to provide an organized venue for fellow poker enthusiasts to come out and enjoy a night of fun and a chance to win prizes. Prizes are awarded by the bar or venue hosting the event and may vary, but there's always something worth winning! Not to mention points in our points system. Play for thousands in cash and WSOP™ seats!!!

Sign up for tournament updates! Why should you? We run promotional tournaments often and will be sending out email notifications for these games in advance. Signing up for tournament updates is the easiest way to stay on top of when/where the best games will be. Sign up in the upper right hand corner of our home page.

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